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Shenzhen gushes code machine repair and maintenance

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Shenzhen professional Pen Maji supplier which good? Preferred Shenzhen in May Pen Maji limited, the company over the years has been focused on the printing machine industry, the company has a professional Pen Maji processing and repair, the company for the integrity, to win the market; because professional, create benefit. Please call: 0755-89395536 we welcome customer calls.
Shenzhen gushes code machine in use in the process of maintenance, maintenance is very important, a good Pen Maji lost in maintenance of the condition is difficult to ensure the normal running, only good Penma equipment preventive maintenance ( timely and regular or irregular maintenance ), can cause the inkjet printer is always in good working state, Pen Maji maintenance mainly has following several aspects:
In 1, the use of inkjet printer ink and solvent should be examined before a low level, must according to the procedure promptly added.
In 2, regularly check the ink jet head and eye for mounting and fixing device.
3, regular cleaning fan filter.
5, regular cleaning of electric installation and fixing device.
In 6, regularly check the power and ground connection.
7, to clean and dry the sprinkler system, attention switching machine automatic cleaning procedure.
Shenzhen gushes code machine and other equipment, its principle is by electrostatic deflection, so must be well grounded. If grounding is not good, static electricity accumulated to a certain extent could cause a spark, fire, at the same time, if the bad ground,, probably caused by poor printing quality, ink dot division is bad to wait for a problem. So the use of gush code machine must ground.
Shenzhen gushes code machine using special attention is required:
1, should the person responsible for the failure of their own, can not solve, should be timely initiative with the leadership of the report, contact technical persons for help.
2, the strict implementation of printer operation procedure, according to the standard operation procedures for cleaning and maintenance.
3, the use of inks, solvents, cleaning liquid shall be labelled, indicating the name, batch number, prevent errors, began to use date, limiting the use of the period, and on different varieties of different specifications of bottles should be used, to avoid confusion, mistake cleaning agent, ethanol as solvent to join.
Shenzhen inkjet printer ink and solvent are corrosive, so try to avoid contamination of the skin, eyes, nose, and so on. If accidentally drops quickly, please wash with water a minute, if the cleaning after feeling unwell clean urgent medical treatment. The majority of ink are very volatile and be inhaled into the lungs composition. So in the Pen Maji use field must ensure good ventilation equipment.
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