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Shenzhen American home automation equipment limited company is by foreign enterprises and domestic professionals jointly established a joint venture, specializing in the production and design of various types of inkjet printer, founded in 2001. Relying on the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone efficient matching of resources advantages, from its inception has been using imported from the patent technology and the advantage of Shenzhen resources, research and development production and marketing of a new generation of printing equipment and variable printing equipment, such as the second generation of high resolution inkjet printer, which has the advantages of simple structure, on-demand printing, without adding diluent in addition, its high resolution, can print a variety of fonts, can also print a simple logo, and a two-dimensional bar code. Variable printing equipment in the printing process with printing personalized bar, so that the printed content variability. In addition the company has been continuously improved and the production of dot matrix printer, the latest development of high-speed image recognition system, can be used in the production process of product quality testing and other aspects of the work.
After 11 years of rapid development, has now become the most powerful domestic large-scale professional printing machine and ancillary equipment manufacturers. The company is composed of three parts. Shenzhen is located in the Longgang plains Dragon Industrial Park plant, responsible for inkjet printer processing, engineering and supporting parts warehouse; located in Longgang Bantian on Xue Cun's show, sales headquarters, responsible for the Pen Maji marketing, sales and after sale service; in students Pioneering Park R & D center responsible for the format inkjet printer and imported parts and supplies research and development and procurement.
In may still holds a professional, dedicated and innovative spirit, and constantly improve their own technical strength and processing equipment, for new and old customers to adopt new technologies and new techniques to create good conditions, your success is our success. Sincerely look forward to working with you for your cooperation!
Business philosophy:
On the pursuit of higher customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty in conclusion; the pursuit of more high team cooperation spirit, and cultivate the loyalty of staff, this is a kind of pragmatic, is East morning business philosophy, thinking, value, price, reported negative start point and end point, we believe that this mode of operation is far-reaching and long-lasting.
Quality policy:
Quality first, the production of products to meet customer requirements;
Customer first, prompt resolution of the issues raised by customers, to prevent it from happening again.
Management idea: five categories
About the enterprise: the God is the user, the enterprise is the core of enterprise products and services, is the owner of all the staff.
Customer: customer : there are five kinds of existing customers, old customers, competitors, customers using alternative products to customers, customers of the future, in which five kinds of customers, existing customers are the most important, because of the development of a new customer to spend several times to keep an old customer cost and time, regardless of the new or old customers, only by meeting their requirements, in order to attract them.
On the operation: me, no passenger, is guest does not exist; I benefit greatly, guest benefit of small, is guest soon; I benefit quite, while passengers can be stored for a long time, I be long lee.
About quality: customer care, know what they need, and to make more than they expect things, is the real quality.
On delivery: customers place an order is decided before they take up our time, once the transaction, we occupy their time, so we must deliver on time, otherwise damage the interests of customers; at the same time, we are all the work around all the requirements of customers, with the most short time to solve customer problems, make customer waiting time tends to zero.
Sincerely thank you for your inquiry and support!


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