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Some simple code printing system

Provide different mold or photomask, save a lot of expensive and time-consuming steps.
In addition the ink-jet printing head has the advantages of no contact with the pollution to a minimum. Due to the longer due to corrosion waste is very beneficial to the environmental protection. The new system is in accordance with the pure add principle, not from principle ( such as masking or lithography ). In the use of such as nano granular spraying metal semiconductor materials, cell and this method has important significance
It can accurately control the number and location of spraying materials. While in the background introduction of printing system for precision coating liquid, and in. / 0 years 1 / month in the first plastic electronics exhibition on display in europe. In the nanometer particles based on the use of the system can be a metal and organic material in low cost coating in various shapes of surface material including plastic, metal, glass, silica powder, film and paper.
Customers can use a newly designed system own perfusion ink box. Printing machine, ink cartridge and software constitutes an immediately available system the system can be faster, easier to develop to market the requirement of low cost for new materials and new products. Enterprise and institute can use the system to provide a variety of solutions. For example, it can save time to develop new technology and prototype or small batch production of products such as flexible printed circuit board, label, display and wearable electronic products ( precision printing system is available 1 / PI l microscopic droplets printed the most fine of 0 micron structure or line width of the system consists of series of printers, 6 a 1171 / cartridge (which can be selected by a customer for liquid perfusion ) and easy to use software.
This technique has great potential in electronics, display technology ' fields of life science and chemistry will bring a thorough revolution. A patent desktops, digital precision system for spraying material it allows complex patterns printed into a desired shape, dimensions or product, to things in up to 08 of any substrate. The system can be directly printed user can save time for the development of a prototype, thus facilitating the enterprises to master this technology. The printing system is compact in size, use and simple operation, the user using a cartridge system can complete the spraying function is not open to the fluid jet expertise. Customers using the new system can be fast, simple and low cost development of antenna and tag, digital printing in the multilayer circuit board, printed film keyboard, intelligent packaging, safety device, disposable electronic products. Products with ink droplet monitoring unit and a heating plate ) brush system (with ink droplets, heating plate and coordinate monitoring camera) and the box ( 1 / PI l 17 nozzles ) of the series of products can be placed on the table width. 591 for less than 90 dollars," ). Each system by a printing press, the B < software and print cartridges.
Www.szma.com, United States and Shenzhen automation equipment specializing in the production of paper printing system, production testing system and coding. There are automatic detection system
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