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China's packing industry development direction

China packaging industry swift and violent development caused many environmental problems, to march to environmental protection industry for the packaging industry to win second times the opportunity of great progress, enterprise early start, is expected to obtain dual ideal return.
In the current increasingly packaging waste, recycling technology has been mature, put forward to the national solid waste reduction, harmless, resource to change direction under the condition of processing, investment in packaging waste recycling is not only feasible, but also promote the development of packaging industry - Shenzhen inkjet printer.
On one hand, it meets the country puts forward the strategy of sustainable development, the strengthening of environmental protection to solve the packaging industry for any menace from the "rear", it opened its new economic point of growth;
On the other hand, March to environmental protection industry for the packaging industry in the development of cheap raw material source, the original lower production cost, has the economic and ecological benefits.
With the increase in the number of packaging waste, waste disposal costs continue to rise, increase the packaging waste recycling efforts is to represent the general trend. But in the packaging production in the process of rapid development in our country, the management of waste, disposal and recycling and other aspects and the developed country has bigger difference.
First of all, packaging material recycling has obvious economic benefit and ecological benefit. According to experts, although a wide variety of packaging waste, but according to the packaging material can be basically divided into paper products, plastic products, glass products and metal products four major categories, packaging waste are renewable resources.
Secondly, packaging waste production continued to grow for recycling provides adequate production resources. From the national packaging industrial output statistics, at present, about 8350000 tons of paper packaging products, plastic packaging products is 2440000 tons about, glass packaging products of about 4440000 tons, about 1610000 tons of metal packaging products. At the same time these products each year to 12.5%30% Unequal Growth rate. Research data show that, 1 tons of waste paper renewable 0.8 tons or 0.83 tons of cardboard paper; 1 tons of waste plastics renewable 0.75 tons or 0.6 tons of unleaded petrol diesel. Thus, recycled raw materials do not have to worry about www.szmac.com.
In third, the packaging waste treatment technology is mature with each passing day, after processing the packaging waste and has wide usage, market prospect is valued. Waste recovery after snack box, can be broken and harmless treatment and soil or other substrates, used without soil or soilless cultivation. Waste plastic oil technology using high performance catalyst, high density polyethylene or polypropylene plastic depolymerization, able to produce in line with national standards of diesel and gasoline, oil production rate of more than 75%. If installing the necessary equipment, also recyclable liquefied gas and carbon black. By changing the catalyst, toluene, xylene and can produce and benzene and other chemical products.
In addition, by using waste plastics ( including PE, PP, PVC, PS ) and a filler mixture ( including a variety of urban and rural waste such as activated carbon residue, crushing plant and animal waste, weathered coal humic acid powder, etc. ) together constitute the fertilizer envelope, envelope cost than ordinary compound fertilizer increased by 300 yuan / tons. This is a variable white pollution for green fertilizer of environmental engineering, can consume large amount of packaging waste.
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