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Inkjet Printer Maintenance Essentials

1, nozzle maintenance

Is a key component of inkjet printer nozzles, one of the most precious parts, one focuses on the use of sprinkler maintenance and repair, maintenance and repair will have a direct effect of the decision of the use of sprinklers and life, how to make your equipment lead to greater profits, which is everyone in the consideration. Clearly, to extend the service life of nozzles, is one of the means to reduce costs. Methods to extend printhead life now listed as follows:

An indoor environment
If the indoor unit's work environment is not very good, if the dust is very easy to enter the main ink cartridge and then to vice and thus re-entering the nozzle and affect nozzle print results, reduce the nozzle life.
2, the operation
Nozzle surface of the nozzle part of the friction can not be with any object, the fine hairs easily hung on the nozzle surface. Plug and drop caused by ink, thus affecting the Coding results. Therefore, the strict licensing requirements to operate the equipment is also very important.
3, auxiliary parts
Machine parts for each one has its uses, should not arbitrarily removed. Like the main cartridge, vice cartridges, filters, etc.
4, ink
The quality of ink directly to the picture quality, impact sprinklers. Best to use the equipment manufacturers recommended ink, because these inks are to undergo a rigorous, long-term testing of the equipment to spray some sort of protection. Do not arbitrarily add any substance to the ink.
5, maintenance
Stenciling power outage before the nozzle clean, and to be placed with a moisturizing spray pad of the nozzle cover the sea, so that can guarantee the quality of nozzle conditions and Coding, but also to some extent to extend the use of sprinklers life.

Second, the use of sprinklers

1, nozzle does not touch the jack plug to oxidation.
2, installation, the nozzle socket must be aligned, not hard plug, such as the pinhole insert bad inserted properly, sprinklers will not work properly.
3, nozzle socket can not enter the ink, cleaning fluid, etc., contaminated alcohol cleaning outlet is available.
4, nozzle must maintain good thermal environment, otherwise the spray easy to damage the circuit.
5 static part of the damage to the circuit of the nozzle is very serious, or contact spray nozzle in operation Flashboard, the operator must remove static elements
6, Coding process of disconnection, if sprinklers had to stop Coding cleaning nozzles, such as the nozzles are congested, and can be solvent cleaning nozzle, and then ink play.
7, Coding after the end of the spray nozzle on a shield built in to maintain this state so that equipment overnight.
8, using fast-drying ink inkjet printer will encounter trouble plug, plug one of the reasons is the ink solvent evaporation, the condensation in the nozzle surface, ink particles, resulting in nozzle clogging. Second, there is reason for ink impurities, or with some sort of solution by the reaction of foreign body in place, plug in the nozzle. Prevention approach is to use filter device, ink cartridges can not enter the impurities; regular cleaning nozzle.
9, nozzle surface of the nozzle membrane is made from polyimide film, in the nozzle preservation, Assembly and Disassembly, cleaning, soak it with care; who are hard objects bumps will cause the nozzle-rays do not directly affect the quality of Coding .
10, cleaning ink nozzles on the use of special cleaning fluid.
11, nozzle clogging are generally long-term accumulation of results, users must use at all times maintain the smooth flow of the state nozzle.
12, the nozzle being used to conduct regular, thorough cleaning and a long nozzle when not in use can be removed for a long time immersion.

Third, the reasons for nozzle clogging and cleaning methods:

          A quality, but the ink off, resulting in nozzle clogging.
B rapid changes in temperature and humidity of the nozzle and the ink nozzles after damage to the plug.
C nozzle voltage on the nozzle effects.
D electrostatic effects on the inkjet printer and ink.
E cleaning methods on the impact of sprinklers. (Recommended by clean cloth or good quality set of toilet paper to absorb ink nozzle surface, wipe the nozzle must not use any object.)
F work habits on the nozzle of the impact - if they are printing surface can not have sharp objects, dirt and hard objects to avoid scratching when the nozzle Coding. . . .
G ink viscosity is too high - too high will cause the ink viscosity, ink in the ink tube bond lost, resulting in insufficient supply ink, ink-jet volume is not enough, especially in the winter, this is more striking.
H ink viscosity is too low - too low viscosity ink, the ink is too thin, ink-jet speed is fast, the ink jet will be reflected back to the cloth on the nozzle, resulting in ink in the nozzle on the stasis, leading to nozzle clogging.

          Cleaning methods:

          Nozzle clogging was found after treatment of minor
A course of their work in the Coding found the phenomenon of nozzle clogging, after a slight pause Coding should not hesitate, and then use inkjet printer button or manual pump so that the ink from the nozzle to nozzle cleaning, washing would then be to continue to Coding .
2 timely and decisive and thorough treatment of minor clogging the nozzle Coding process for a long time to maintain the best working condition the nozzle is very important!
3 In addition, it is necessary to carefully check the spray nozzle blockage of the situation and to find the reason why.

          Inkjet printer in the course of the nozzle clogging problems, mainly based on "prevention." To maintain the best working condition nozzle best way is to spray on a daily basis to do some appropriate and effective routine maintenance, such as a day out of a little ink nozzles to see whether the best nozzle, it will greatly reduce nozzle the possibility of clogging. Inkjet printer system cleaning methods have the following four categories:

1, a simple cleaning: Available inkjet printer button on the "clean nozzles" function will be outside the ink jet nozzles clean out, so that spray nozzle flow.

2, moderate cleansing: The inkjet printer manual pump on the outside of the nozzle ink destroyed, so that nozzle was smooth.

3, severe cleaning: Cleaning the former first syringe with a suction tube cleaning lotion Qing; cleaning, first unplug the ink tube, and then insert the nozzle into the ink tube cleaning mouth, so that with pressure from the cleaning fluid into the ink tube into the nozzle until the ink within the nozzle has been washed clean.
4, deep cleaning: spray nozzle clogging of the nozzle must be removed completely serious cleaning, can be a long time soaking (dissolved in the ink nozzle condensation) or using ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning (Note that the cleaning time can not be too long in order to avoid damaging the nozzle circuit), can also be directly to the cleaning nozzle units to deal with.

Fourth, the maintenance of inkjet printer

         Inkjet Operator Note:

         1, inkjet printer more sensitive to static electricity, if the body electrostatic inkjet printer appear equipment should be effectively grounded.
2, the operation circuit or spray, we must first cut off the total power supply inkjet printer.

         3 for the ink system, the various management interfaces must ensure that there is no leakage. Check whether ink cartridges for the normal, to ensure the supply nozzle tube interface Department did not leak ink for ink inside the ink tube without air bubbles, there would be enough for the ink.
4, if found on the ink slow down, you must check or replace the filter.

         5, nozzle on the power supply before making any ink, because the ink is the main way to take away the heat nozzle.

         6, between the nozzle and vice-cartridge ink flows through the siphon principle to achieve the physical, so between the two must have a height difference between the strict and specific, that is to spray the liquid surface than the Vice-cartridge than a ~ 5 centimeters.

         7, inkjet printer's internal circuitry structured, if not a professional technical capacity, it is best not to dismantle unauthorized move.

         8, with the manual pump cleaning nozzle, it will be filed after the pump button to slow the button is pressed, must not force quickly press the button.

         Maintenance of inkjet printer

         Inkjet printer maintenance and maintenance is divided into three parts, first, to observe good use of the environment; second is the use of machine use and maintenance; third, ink bottle, ink, and the need to preserve the nozzle.

         A clean working environment
The internal structure of an inkjet printer has a sophisticated print head, so place and everyday use to avoid mechanical impact and vibration. Machines to be placed in a stable.
2 As the spray nozzle aperture size of the dust floating in space, rather, so if poor working environment can cause nozzle clogging. So, to keep the environment clean.
3 inkjet printer working environment temperature should not be too high, so that the mechanical parts and inkjet printer nozzles were rusty.
B machine use and maintenance of
1, as for the maintenance of machine is mainly taken to ensure that inkjet printer cleaning nozzle and internal problems, so the timing machine is the user routine clean-up a required course. As the air of dust and debris Coding of infection, will be very easy to damage the main Coding sophisticated inkjet printer parts, resulting in the emergence of inkjet printer failures. Therefore, in addition to providing a good working environment would also like to develop a regular cleaning inkjet printer other than the good habits. Cleaning solvent cleaning is generally around the set of inkjet printer ink nozzles, nozzle cover and internal foam pads to protect the set of ink, must not wipe the nozzle. Manual on the oil pump should always maintain a good sliding condition. External removal machines deposition of dust. Then with a soft brush, smooth dry clean cotton cloth or alcohol within inkjet printer, wipe all the dust inside the machine ... .. NOTE: Clean before the general power to switch off the machine.
2, on a regular basis to replace or clean filters and ink road system ... ... ..

V. Frequently Asked Questions Q & A:

          1, Q: Why does jet printing nozzle is not clear?

               Answer: The print object too far from the nozzle, nozzle distance is the best print object distance is 1 to 3 millimeters.

2, Q: inkjet printer ink off regular cleaning spray nozzle tested again after the print is good, and this is why?

A: The location may be higher than the inkjet printer cartridge inkjet printer nozzle surface too much, or the Mexican road system due to leakage.

3, Q: always auto-nozzle inkjet printer ink droplets out why?

A: The Vice-cartridge inkjet printer inkjet printer nozzle below the surface too much, or inkjet printer manual pump caused by the blocking.

4, Q: Inkjet screen suddenly Huaping and can not properly display information

A: The inkjet printer part of the computer motherboard need to write the protection of the need to upgrade, re-enter the upgrade password.

5, Q: inkjet printer nozzle does not work, there will not stop printing or not printing at random

  A: There may be loose or liquid inkjet printer interface to enter.

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