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Name: Penma conveyor
Material: Ancillary equipment
Product Description:  
1500 x 200 x 1000 ( mm ) specifications conveyor
Product brief introduction:
Penma conveyor, coding, transmission supporting the use of Pen Maji, is the best companion, Penma conveyor is mainly used for conveying glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal, plastic bag, carton, cartons, labels, is convenient for inkjet or laser machine for printing, spraying production date, batch number, such as anti-counterfeit marking pattern. Mainly used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, chemical, electronic, automobile parts industries.
Technical parameters:
Device name: Penma conveyor
Conveyor speed: 0-28 M / min
Power source: 220V
Electric machine: deceleration motor
Power rate: 60W
Speed control mode: electronic speed control
Belt width: 200mm
Frame size: 1500 x 200 x 1000 ( mm ) ( length * width * height )
Due to different customers have different requirements, suitable for a variety of production needs, United States and Shenzhen automation equipment limited company can according to customer demand for tailor-made to meet your specifications of various conveyor, to meet the different needs of different customers, the process is as follows:
Customer needs and requirements to customer samples, pictures, technical parameters, the initial plan to customer audit program to confirm the program offer ( both parties confirm ) sign a contract to collect deposits, processing production to customer acceptance ( debug to customer satisfaction ) to pay the balance, delivery, after sale service
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