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Name: Paging machine
Material: Ancillary equipment
Product Description:  
GH-FB320 reverse wheel type separator
Product type: GH-FB320
Product Name: reverse wheel type separator
Equipment introduction:
GH-FB320 reverse wheel type paging machine for laminated paper, carton or package is automatically separated into individual, and send them to the conveyor belt, convenient inkjet or laser machine, printing, spraying production date, batch number, such as anti-counterfeit mark, pattern. Thereby reducing artificial paging tedious, give full play to gush code machine, laser machine high-speed jet printing advantages, improve the work efficiency of jet printing. The machine is made of stainless steel, imported high-precision inverter with higher domestic motor, with high stability, and equipped with intelligent counting automatic stop function, convenient production and management. Widely used in medicines, cosmetics, food and other industries of printing and printing of. Mainly applicable to the carton, thin paper.
Function characteristics:
| high speed paging: imported high precision frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, automatic high speed paging 10-500 / min, can greatly improve the production efficiency.
| high precision orientation: automatic counting, also can set their own paging number of automatic shutdown, setting range ( 1-9999 needs and inkjet printer, laser machine signal sharing ), can reduce rework probability
| reasonable structural design, beautiful appearance and durable.
| optional accessories: the automatic material receiving device of paging machine separate counts of the stop signal
Technical parameters:
Automatic paging speed : 60 ~ 500 / M
Rated voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Machine power: 180W
Weight: 50Kg
Dimensions: 1500 x 650 x 950 ( mm ) ( length X width X height)
Applicable scope: 65-400 length ( mm ) adjustable thickness ( mm ), 0.4 adjustable,
Width adjustable 60-320 ( mm )
Separated material size: length 65-400mm width 60-320mm thickness more than 0.4mm
Feeding size: length, 400 mm, width 390mm
Transport size: length: 1070mm, 390mm, 300mm leather wide bandwidth
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