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Name: Inkjet printer head, XRRX500 nozzle
Material: Ancillary equipment
Product Description:  

Xaar500 / 40UV for UV ink is used for the Shenzhen market can be custom MAC1200 inkjet printer
Xaar500 nozzle is a high speed printer heads, maximize the Saier on-demand ink technology for production advantages, can be fast, reliable and efficient way to achieve high performance, high quality images and print production.
Xaar500 heads a multifunctional two state inkjet solutions ideal for applications. The 80pl model to meet the high quality wide and solvent inkjet market requirements, and models in the solvent of super wide and marking and identification in a leading role.
Performance characteristic: 1, Xaar500 has reliable and stable performance, is the ideal digital inkjet solutions. Using the advanced control of electronic equipment, to provide simple and rapid integration, 500 of the print nozzle width 70mm, can provide the color more vivid, more uniform brightness and edge sharper images of excellent quality . Xaar 500 are those that require multiple function of wide, large or coding and labeling ( C&M ) and two normal inkjet printing solutions to customer ideal choice. Type 40pl products can meet the external light curing wide and solvent-based inkjet market requirements.
2, the scope of application: Xaar500 nozzle specially designed can become highly competitive, high-quality and fast output nozzle, so that the scanning wide inkjet and flat market has the ability to produce diverse indoor / outdoor advertising and POS publicity material. The head of the wide range of ink printing, compatibility and reliability make it become the coding and marking applications ideal.
In 3, the ink compatibility: Purcell and market top ink manufacturers work together, common development for the nozzle of high quality ink solution. Xaar 500 applicators can be associated with a variety of base oil and solvent, UV curing ink compatible
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