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Name: MAC1200-based inkjet printer
Material: MAC1200-based inkjet printer
Product Description:  

( electronic supervision code printing process )
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( MAC1200 coding process )
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( database coding process )
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Function parameters:

Print high-resolution PC in a variety of fonts (ie printed), or dot-matrix font (case in English and Arabic), font size, number unlimited.
Automatically print the date, time, batch number, classes, etc.
Can print the card number and password with letters, the password can be transferred directly from the database out and print.
Variable can print bar code, variable numbers, variable in English, Chinese and other variables Variable information can be an emitting multiple variable message.
Can print more than 30 kinds of commonly used bar code.
Can print two-dimensional bar code.
Bar code printing speed 55 meters / min, and the print speed is not due to an increase in the number of rows change. ?
Print direction 0-180 degrees adjustable.
Can print a variety of bar codes, custom graphics and trademarks in Chinese, or various foreign language fonts.
Can be set to automatic continuous printing, the computer can automatically save the data conversion and so on.
All Chinese software operation, powerful and easy to operate.
A wide range of time and date formats.
Can count cycle, that is the default one set of figures, when the number of spray after the group finished, the counter back to 0, to start a new round of counting.
Coding with time can be sprayed hours, minutes, seconds.
Suitable for printing on the variable printing, security printing and other special printing needs.
Special Coding graphics editing software can edit the print patterns, real-time display, ie, that is printed, visual and clear.
Random directly connected to computer equipment, direct human-machine
Dialogue, the operation simple and straightforward.

Using the industry's advanced on-demand inkjet technology (DOD), the ink is not circulation, the concentration of consistent, can effectively reduce the loss of supplies; without using any solvent, environmental protection and conservation.
The core components independent intellectual property rights, which can effectively control costs, so that after-sales service is more at ease.
Using high-performance multi-nozzle piezoelectric crystal, print fonts not affect the speed, fast, in particular, competent multi-line, high frequency jet printing products at the same time.
Powerful, not only the existing inkjet printer with the same functionality, but also offers a variety of other useful features.
Body compact handy, inexpensive, adjustable body height is extremely convenient, more suitable for assembly line production operations.
Ink supply system uniquely designed to replace the ink quickly and easily. In a state of non-stop machine to add ink.
Special Coding graphics editing software can edit the print patterns, real-time display, ie, that is printed, visual and clear.
Self-developed anti-jamming integrated circuit design, with automatic flash Breath-Mexican anti-clogging features.
Less precision parts, failure rate is low, ink supply system is simple and reliable, can work in harsh environments.
1-10 lines can print the contents of large characters and small character inkjet printer into one of the size of the word combo Coding (no distinction between micro-characters, small characters, large character inkjet printer), truly a machine 2 use.
Store print information unrestricted, may have been printing the information and print information for the special preservation, to ensure seamless information spraying re-spray incidents.
To achieve quality control and traceability purposes. To avoid counterfeiting, their products can protect against counterfeit products and a strong blow. Can play the role of anti-FALSIFYING and security.
Performance parameters:

Print font: high-resolution print a variety of fonts on your computer
Min-height: 0.5mm
Maximum-height: 17.4mm
Print number of rows: In the 17.4mm range can freely edit the print number of rows
Print direction: 0-180 degree adjustable nozzle
Print speed: up to 60 m / minute, and does not increase due to the number of rows changed
Application materials: such as mobile phones displays, beverage bottle, food packaging bags, kit, plastic-steel windows and doors, aluminum alloy, batteries, plastic pipe, steel plate, circuit boards, chips, woven bags, eggs, brake pads, cell phone case , cartons, etc.
The use of ink: the use of quick-drying green ink or oily ink without solvent, no external gas source or built-in air pump
Software features: MAC-specific software, all the print production parameters on the screen a football exhaustive, WYSIWYG
Special features: an open communication protocol can be connected to the database can print random code (garbled or security code) and the security bar code
Print Accuracy: 300 DPI

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