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Name: MAC Semi-automatic egg Coding System
Material: MAC Semi-automatic egg Coding System
Product Description:  

Coding parameters:
Manually eggs one by one hole on the egg conveyor, the egg through the inkjet printer nozzles, the photoelectric sensor to detect imminent production date, batch number, pattern or the best food in the egg shell print view, spray finished by hand to eggs removed.
Print speed stepless adjustable.
The use of edible grade ink jet printing.
Size: 2000 (L) x260 (W) x750 (H) mm.
Function parameters:

Print width range: 1 ~ 17.4mm, up to print 10 lines of information.
Print high-definition PC in a variety of real fonts, or bitmap fonts, as well as the trademark logo print. Support for foreign language print, support the English operating system.
Font size, the number unlimited.
Automatically print date, batch number, classes, variable serial number etc., can print real-time clock automatically changes can be sprayed hours, minutes, seconds.
Print speeds up to 50 m / minute, hourly 2000-4000 pieces of printing efficiency, print accuracy of up to 2 00dpi.
Optional synchronous interface, encoder interfaces.
Print direction 0-180 degrees adjustable. ?
Can be set to automatic continuous printing, anti-color print, reverse print reverse, positive and negative to print, delay print, information, repeat print functions.
Icon function keys, full Chinese interface, easy to operate.
Special Coding graphics editing software can edit the print company name, manufactured date, anti-counterfeit labels, green logo and other information, real-time display, ie, that is printed and intuitive to understand
A wide range of time and date formats.
Can count cycle, that is the default one set of figures, when the number of spray after the group finished, the counter back to 0, to start a new round of counting.
Full English operating software, SD card storage and send.

Using the industry's advanced on-demand inkjet technology (DOD), the ink is not circulation, the concentration of consistent, can effectively reduce the consumables loss; 3500-4000 pieces per hour eggs.
The core components independent intellectual property rights, which can effectively control costs, so that after-sales service is more at ease.
Using high-performance multi-nozzle piezoelectric crystal, print fonts not affect the speed, fast, in particular, at the same time capable multi-line printing.
Without using any solvent, without an external pump, no noise, low failure rate, maintenance-free, no ink leakage, drip, there are no irritating odor, Coding process clean pollution-free.
No special maintenance, with a key switch machine control functions;
Self-developed anti-jamming integrated circuit design, with automatic flash Breath-Mexican anti-clogging features.
Edible ink has passed the state inspection department testing, does not contain harmful chemical ingredients, to ensure the safe use of you.
Consumption-based fast-drying ink in red, pink to choose from to meet different customer needs.
Less precision parts, failure rate is low, ink supply system is simple and reliable, can work in harsh environments.


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